23 April 2006

Internet neutrality

Consider this headline:
Gunowners, Moveon, Instapundit, and Vint Cerf Unite
If you know who MoveOn and Instapundit are, then you know that they don't have a lot of philosophical overlap—you might get them to agree that kittens are cute, and that's about all. So what has them sharing the love in this headline? The issue of network neutrality on the internet, which is currently up for regulatory legislation, and the most important thing that has faced the development of the 'net since some very smart folks got together to invent it in the first place.

The headline is from a page with a cool little two minute video explaining the issue. SaveTheInternet.com and Matt Stoller have more. I know this sounds geeky, but this is a tech question that ultimately has deep political implications. 'Net neutrality is the technological underpinning that helps make the 'net an engine for both technical innovation and free speech. It's a big deal.

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