09 April 2006

The god of the Jews is a desert god

Qubitum tells a tale of religious syncreticism from Burning Man.
Seeking more on this Rebbetzin, I found an interview with her by Jay Michaelson, whom I remember fondly as one of my favorite interviees on the playa, even if it was the first step in a day of overextension and insufficient hydration that ended me up the medtent with an IV drip in my arm during the Burn. He wouldn't let tape the interview or take notes in his presence because it happened to be the Shabbas. But he would let me walk with him over to another camp where he was headed for a Vipassana meditation sit. "And there’s a data point for you right there," I remember him saying.
The Rebbetzin Hadassah Gross is speaking tomorrow night next month together with Mr. Larry Harvey in my fair city.


Kate said...

It says May 8.........tomorrow?

Also thought Passover didn't start until the 12th.

Is my brain so addled that I have missed a whole week, nay month of time?

Hope all is well with you.

Love, Mom

Jonathan Korman said...

Whoops. Somehow I got it in my head that the talk by the Rebbetzin was tomorrow, obviously not so.

And yeah, Passover starts the 12th, but for scheduling reasons, the seder I went to was held early, on the negative fourth night of passover.