02 March 2006

Katrina aftermath

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, the Associated Press has video of the conference in which the President was warned about the dangers of hurricane Katrina, contradicting his later statements that no one could have anticipated the levees breaking. Joe Gandelman at The Moderate Voice has the best roundup of resources and blog commentary.

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batojar said...

Wow. That footage is pretty damning (although Brown looked like he was at least trying to do his job).

Here's a thought: The video said 1300 people killed and 2300 missing. If all the missing are in fact dead, then at 3900, that is almost 1000 people more than the 2,986 who were killed in Mr. Bush's oft mentioned 9/11. If two wars and $260 Billion were laid at the feet of those 2,986 dead and the supposed persons responsible. What shall we do about Bush, who bears responsibility for the grotesque mishandling of Katrina and these posssible 3900 deaths?

Impeachment is too good for him.