09 March 2006

Frequently asked question

Brad DeLong says that "Fafblog raises itself to a higher dimension of Fafbloginess" with an amazing post offering answers to this frequently asked question. (If you don't know what Fafbloginess could mean, then you need to spend more time with Fafblog, the whole worlds' only source for Fafblog.)
Q. Why are we in Iraq?

A. To prevent the failure of the occupation of Iraq. If we pull out now the occupation will be a failure!

Q. Would it have been easier to have never occupied it in the first place?

A. Ah, but if we never occupied Iraq, then the occupation certainly would have been a failure, now wouldn't it?

Q. [meditates for many years]

Q. Now I am enlightened.

Fafnir, of course, offers several answers to that same question. Go read 'em all.

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