15 February 2006


According to Internebbish, love is the thing with feathers.

If you don't know about Pillow Fight Club, Tyler explains the rules.

  1. Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club.
  2. Tell everyone about Pillow Fight Club.
  3. Turn up at the arranged Pillow Fight Club venue with pillow hidden in a bag.
  4. At the exact given time pull out pillow and fight.
  5. You cannot fight anyone without a pillow (unless they want it).
  6. Nothing heavy can be hidden in the pillows
I love my town. (And for the uninitiated, this is an example of flashmobbery.)


Reya Mellicker said...

We had a pillow fight here in Washington DC too, at Dupont Circle, of course. I didn't attend, but it sounds like a lot of fun. See? We can be cool sometimes, too, not as cool as San Francisco, but pretty darn cool.

Kate said...

There's one shot there that is "almost" you....well not really even close. Just a hint: de rigeur -- participation in this event would preclude the usual black clothing which is your sartorial choice. I would suggest investment in jeans and white t-shirt.


Love, Mom