04 February 2006


On the Television Without Pity forum for The West Wing, there's a goofy discussion called "Everything I'll Ever Need to Know I Learned from Watching West Wing." The crazy thing is that each person who posts identifies the topic which the next post must address. For example:
I've learned that you'd need to liquidate the Grand Tetons to pay for a suit against Big Tobacco.

Next: Admirals

I’ve learned that not even an admiral can tell if it’s wartime or peacetime anymore, but he will notice if his boyfriend is using a new shampoo.

Next: Opera Tickets

I've learned that the killing of an Admiral only get a proportionate response whereas the killing of a doctor with a new baby could generate a disproportionate response harking back to the Roman Empire.

Next: Cricket

I learned that if you have a cricket bat that was given to you as a gift by Her Majesty Elizabeth Windsor, you can threaten to pummel the president with it, while the Secret Service remains seemingly unconcerned.

Next: I think opera tickets got skipped

I learned that there is such a thing as Chinese Opera and, yes, one can get tickets to it...

Next: secret service

The secret service does not comment on procedure.

I am embarassed to admit that I have watched Wing carefully enough to find this entertaining. (I also find it amusing that this discussion is located in the Steam Pipe Trunk Distribution Venue forum.)

Not entertaining enough, however, that I am willing to read all 230 pages of this stuff that's on TwoP, however. I'm a fan, but I'm not crazy.

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