24 February 2006

Puppet show

I realize that I'm a bit biased, but my young nephew has demonstrated an impressive knack for theatre. Check out Atticus' web page and wait patiently for the Quicktime movie to load.

I felt that Act I didn't quite have the focus necessary to draw audiences in as well as one might hope, but the conflict in Act II—further developing the theme of strength introduced in Act I—shows both wit and a sense of dramatic tension. Certainly the best puppet theatre I've seen since Jessica Hird's magnificent sock puppet Bacchæ, "still the gold standard for Bay Area puppet tragedy."

Kudos also to the director of this film adaptation, who manages the Jonathan Demme trick of capturing the spirit of the live performance through some good choices in editing and title cards.

Let me also use this opportunity to commend finger puppets to my readers as an ideal yuletide gift for all your loved ones. Not only am I pleased to see that they were as inspiring for Atticus as I hoped, but I note that another finger puppet recipient on my list (who will remain nameless) has been putting the little theatrical implement to good use. Finger puppets come in a variety of styles, so you can find something to suit even someone difficult to shop for ... and they are inexpensive, charming, portable, and just the right sort of frivolous that you know they're something that one would appreciate but never get for one's self.

Mmmm, finger puppets.

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Kate said...

Great commentary on A's entry to a future entertaining at birthday parties.


Love/Mom/Gramma Kate