21 February 2006

Almost always

Heather Havrilesky observed a few years ago that
Law & Order is always on. Find the remote right now and see for yourself. Between NBC, TNT, and USA, including Law & Order and its two spinoffs, you could watch 26 hours of Law & Order this week alone, if you felt like it.

But who would feel like it?

The answer is, lots of people. Or at least one person, who has set up a web page keeping a current schedule so you can make sure not to miss a single chung-chung.

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TheWayOfTheGun said...

A few years ago, Salon did an article about L&O which said that an initial glance at the stats reveals that four Americans in ten watch at least an hour of L&O each week. On closer examination, the stats show that one American in ten watches at least four hours per week.

Now and again, through the magic of TiVo, I have devoted most of a day to watching. Rather pleasant.