22 December 2005

Keeping the story alive

Via Atrios, Marty Lederman explains how even apologists are saying that the President is breaking the law.
What's remarkable about Posner's Op-Ed is that his whole point is that the FISA law on this presently is (in his view) woefully inadequate to the task. He never even mentions the serious implication of this point, namely, that if he is right that FISA currently prohibits this -- and he is right -- then the Administration's data mining for the past four years has been a violation of criminal law. (No specious suggestions from Posner, who knows better, that this was authorized by the AUMF: He's forthright that the law needs to be amended.)

Posner may be right that current law is too restrictive. Congress should have that debate. But isn't it troubling that an esteemed federal judge seems so indifferent to the fact that, in the meantime -- before the Nation and the Congress have had the opportunity to debate Posner's proposal -- the Nation's Chief Executive is systematically authorizing criminal felonies?

Felonies. Impeach Bush. Impeach Bush now.


Anonymous said...

Do Bush haters take time off for the holidays? Perhaps to address their paranoia? Bush Derangement Syndrome is treatable.

Jonathan Korman said...

I can't resist saying --- Guess what? I've got a fever! And the only prescription is Bush impeachment.

Anonymous said...

It must be related to foul bacteria in the air, because I caught it too!

Burnin' burnin' fevah!


Kate said...

I meant to say I hope it is bacterial because then it is treatable. And agree the RX is impeachment.