08 December 2005


I don't ordinarily do the dream diary thing here, but I just woke up from a weird one, and have to share.

I get drafted by the Space Marines. I'm me, only in a you-can-get-drafted-by-the-Space-Marines world. After a lot of shuffling around from room to room as I'm processed into the system, I get deposited into a military based disguised as a large disused old fire station together with the rest of my unit, all dressed in our civvies as we wait for what's next. Most of us are in our Hi-Viz Lime Yellow Aerostitch Roadcrafter one-piece motorcycling suits.

Before we find out what fiendish psychological experiment has brought us all together, I wake up.


Reya Mellicker said...

Were you afraid? Was it funny? How did you react? That is one really strange dream. Space marines in a facilty disguised as a fire station? Wow.

batojar said...

I'm pretty sure that you just missed the part where they make you wait on the Group W bench.

Jonathan Korman said...

The whole thing felt very natural, vivid, and un-dreamlike, odd as it was. I remember feeling the odd mix of anxiety and boredom that you get in those kinds of hurry-up-and-wait institutional situations like hospitals.

Washington Cube said...

Soylent Green is people.