09 November 2005


Via Mark A R Kleiman, I learn that the Anonymous Liberal has very lucidly explained why we must demand a pledge from the President that he not pardon Libby.
If anyone in the White House even so much as hinted to Libby prior to his departure that, if convicted, he might receive a pardon, that's arguably obstruction of justice. Fitzgerald clearly believes that Libby has gone to great lengths to obstruct his investigation. Because Libby is not cooperating, that obstruction is ongoing. If the White House has suggested to Libby that he might eventually be pardoned, that might well be construed as an attempt to encourage Libby not to cooperate with Fitzgerald's investigation.
Because this is such a real concern, it's important that reporters ask the President whether he or anyone on his staff has ever discussed the topic of a pardon with Libby. I don't expect the White Houses would admit to such a discussion even if it happened, but it's nevertheless important to have a denial on the record.
Thanks to this article, I've discovered that the Anonymous Liberal is focusing heavily on the Plamegate story, and doing a cracking good job of it. If you're a Plamegate addict like me, check it out.

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