10 November 2005

Goth fu

If you are prepared to be charmed, rather than disgusted, by some industrial-strength self-importance and a few too many flip popkultur references, then check out Indigo's recent tale of goth clubbing.
If you haven't been a part of the Goth culture since that fateful day on which we gathered together and invented the color black, you may not be aware that Gothic club dancing is more than just a dance, and more than simply a mating ritual. Gothic club dancing is actually a relic of an ancient time, a time before Hot Topic, a time when Goths actually had to fight in order to survive and hang out at the mall. Goth club dancing is actually descended from an ancient martial art; an art whose lethality and effectiveness is comparable only to the martial arts style of "Gun-Kata" demonstrated in the film Equilibrium.
And since he's on the subject, I'd add that Equilibrium is a perfect sci-fi dystopian pastiche, with "gun fu" even more delightfully silly than The Matrix.

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