11 November 2005

Good nerd gifts

Just in time for the holidays, cool science toys from Raven Hanna's MadeWithMolecules.com. My favourite item is the necklace pictured above, a sterling silver diagram of a serotonin molecule. It's the perfect thing for either science nerds or amateur psychopharmacology researchers. The matched GABA and glutemate earrings are also witty. There are also cool holiday cards, testosterone boxer shorts, keyrings, and more.

While we're at it, let me plug the amazing math sculptures of Bathsheba Grossman. (I think my favourite is Holly, though some days I prefer Soliton or the 24 Cell.) Ms. Grossman also makes pendants of her own, and some cool laser-etched crystal sculptures of scientific images. As soon as I finish building my starship, I'm gonna get a three dimensional map of local stars. I already gave my biochemist father one of these with the structure of DNA as a keychain; this product seems to have disappeared from her website but is still available on a DNA art store site where you can also get other cool stuff including a spiffy DNA bracelet or--- I kid you not --- a Jim Watson bobblehead.

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Thread said...

My favorite is the vorocube