07 November 2005

Decision '08

General Zod has emerged from the Negative Zone to run for President.
Q. I have seen that another hopeful candidate for the 2008 elections is Christopher Walken. I have been a great supporter of his, but I have much respect for your authoritarian regime. I am unsure which of these two great evils I should vote for. Is there any chance for a political debate during campaign time between you and Mr. Walken? — Beth R.

A. Yes, but can Walken promise you cruel oppression and harsh totality? Why allow him to coddle you with platitudes, only to be disappointed years after the election? I promise you a future of darkness. And it's only in darkness that you see light. I promise you ascent, and elevation, living the life of austerity as you relegate your possessions and lives. Warmed in that monastic aura you shall find enlightenment and happiness. To this I say: Give me your vote, and kneel before Zod!

I say: why vote for the lesser evil?

I also note that the General has taken a very appropriate position on responding to spam.

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