30 November 2005


I just wanted to get this into print, so later I can say I told you so.

The ascot is due for a comeback. I give it a year or two.

I'm not quite sure why I think this. I have a general sense that the plain open collar has played itself out and is getting stale, and there's too much resistance to a necktie comeback --- it's too symbolic of bourgouis '50s conformity --- so there aren't a lot of places to go.

Maybe the ascot will surface by way of hip-hop bling; it's got the right sort of fancy cartoonish aristocratic feel to go with the homburgs and the canes. Maybe we'll get a hit movie set in the 1920s with Jude Law looking good in one. Maybe some fashion designer will just decide it's time.

But it's coming. You heard it here first.


Washington Cube said...

You've obviously been chanelling Gig Young.

batojar said...

It will come when Chalton Heston dies. The guy wore an ascot in oodles of his movies. We'll sooner pry his gun out of his cold dead hands than his ascot.

Anonymous said...

Expect one in your stocking.