30 October 2005


In the last few years, I've caught a succession of bugs that have made me feel crappy enough that I do nothing for a couple of days but whip through another season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD. So this weekend makes it Season Six: Life is the Big Bad.

The writing on the show is terrific, as usual. The famous musical episode is very impressive, though I thought the last couple of numbers were not as strong as the others. The evil nerds are fun. I don't exactly recommend it as uplifting to watch when you're feeling crummy to begin with, but now I'm deep enough into it to want to finish.

With only one season of Buffy left, I'm hoping this means that I only have to get sick one more time for the rest of my life.

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Anonymous said...

OK, something's going around -- went home early Friday from work with a fever...not interested in DVDs or reading or anything. Saturday and Sunday were devoted to Six Feet Under with a break for Wetherby. Should have had some creepy stuff to watch but alas nothing in my stock unless one counts The Sopranos.

Love & hope you are feeling better -- I am back at work.