07 August 2005


MKB points me at My Life as a...Gas Station Attendant, which is indeed a magnificent example of the beloved True Tales of Service Industry Adventure genre of blogging. My longtime readers may remember my plug for this sort of thing before.

Consider this from the Gasguy's post "Vision."

I have just been in the presence of a mystic, a sage who wants nothing because he knows that he already has everything, who lives by his needs and gives of the little that he has. I feel a sense of wonder and awe that an angel has been sent into my convenient store, and a twinge of envy that when this man dies he will melt away into Nirvana, stroll unassumingly through the back door of heaven, while I’m busy being reborn 40,000 more times or rotting in Purgatory or whatever while I work out why I assumed initially that he was a vagrant. My hell, as Peter Gabriel once wrote, will be a big hell --- and I will walk through the front door.
Lots more great stuff there. Joe Bob says check it out.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this link. What an amazing observor who translates what he lives into a vivid piece of writing.


Rebekah said...

Wow! Thank you! The Gasguy has a great writing style. I was pulled in from the first paragraph. What a great lead. I guess I will need to keep scanning your blog to see what else you've got.