06 July 2005

Today's quote

Rudolf Höss was troubled by the actions of a few bad apples.
These so-called ill-treatments and torturing in concentration camps, stories of which were spread everywhere amongst the people, and particularly by detainees who were liberated by the occupying armies, were not, as assumed, inflicted methodically, but by individual leaders, sub-leaders, and men who laid violent hands on them.
Any resemblance to current events is strictly coincidental.

Update: In comments, Indri of Waterbones points out that I should warn readers that the "troubled" link above leads to details about Höss --- which is to say, details about Nazis and the Holocaust --- which is to say, some stuff that folks may find literally nauseating.

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Indri said...

You should put up a warning about the site this post links back to...I am now on the verge of being physically ill. I do not comprehend how anyone can deny the Holocaust. And the bit about Hitler bravely fighting the good fight to protect the world for Communism, and referring to Rudolf Hess as "Christ-like"...it boggles the mind.

And the intestines.