08 June 2005

Take your cup and fill

In case those readers who will enjoy it didn't see it, I offer you Thee Book ov Thee Latte.
  1. Hot! The manifestation of Latte!
  2. The swirling of espresso into milk.
  3. Any form of coffee at the bar --
  4. They all have caffeine; there is no difference.
  5. Help me, oh angst-ridden coffee clerk! I haven't slept for days.
  6. Be strong, espresso, in chocolate centers, in cups, on my tongue!
  7. There it is! Poured by the barista, but not nearly quick enough.
  8. Pour the coffee into the milk, not the milk into the coffee!
  9. Make it quick, and I may even give you a tip!
  10. Oh, you baristas are few and surly; yet you rule the many and the tired.
  11. You are rude, that customers adore; both your methods and your talk are rude.
  12. Come forth, o hipsters, to my house and take your fill of coffee!
This is another one of those if-you-don't-get-the-joke-never-mind things. Hard to explain.

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echoegami said...

that's awesome, i love it!