29 June 2005


Digby explores, at length, the President's lies about our reasons for invading Iraq. And indicts the press for being asleep at the switch.
... nobody said a word.

I didn't either. I'll be honest. I didn't because I couldn't bear to listen to Bush's stump speech so I didn't realize that he said this every day. However, the campaign press corpse, if they could hear the speech over the cacophany of piped in applause and the sound of their own drooling over all that delicious campaign food, never bothered to report this glaring lie. Neither, for some reason, did the Democrats. It's almost as if everybody just accepted the fact that the Big Lie was unstoppable and assumed that there was nothing they could do about it.

But there is really no excuse for the press to let this lie go unaddressed.

Impeach Bush now.

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Anonymous said...

Let me count the reasons for impeachment.......sorry, be back in about 2 days with the list.