14 May 2005


Friends will tell you that I have a good sense of culinary adventure. My time as a vegan taught me to enjoy a number of hippie foods that most folks think are gross. Lately I've gotten hooked on Kombucha, which is basically rotting mushroom tea.

When I went on a short jaunt to Japan a few years ago, my guide asked me what I was willing to eat. "I'll eat anything you put in front of me," I promised, "except nothing with eyes looking at me, and no natto."

Thanks to Thomas Roche, I now know about Steve, Don't Eat It! And Steve eats natto.


Thread said...

"It also smelled kinda like baked beans. If they were baked in the filthy heat of Satan's asshole."

The man certainly does have a way with words.

Anonymous said...

Natto is disgusting. However, I have forgiven you for making me drink Kombucha when I was sick.

Sort of. - Yezida