07 April 2005

I guess we have to invent it

Faustian Wish informs us that Science Direct has an intriguing article from the Journal of Knowledge Research that I'm not sure how to ... well ... read part of the abstract:
We proffer an epistemological, ontological, and ecumenical analysis of the informatics zeitgeist surrounding librarians and so-called information scientists. A fuzzy systems tautomerism and transformative hermeneutic lexiae with stemming metadata shows that behind an axiometric normalization of mutually reinforcing moieties, institutionalized metaphors, and naïve liturgical dogmas lies nothing more than gormandized aphorisms and pseudoscientific quanta.
The title of the article, published this year, is "Information does not exist." For $41.62 you can read it. But really, who needs to buy the article when the abstract says it all?

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Nina said...

It a dada manifesto!