22 April 2005

I guess I need a clogroll

My brother has joined me in the world of aimless date-stamped web publishing. He's not blogging, he's "clogging."
I have a new hobbie -- commuting. Since I don't have anything of real interest to write about, I will instead document my daily drive in excrutiating detail. Car log? Commuting log? Just Clog. Remember that you saw it here first.

The basics:

  • My commute starts in Glendale, California near Glenoaks & Alameda
  • I work in Santa Monica, near Colorado and 26th.
  • My car has been reliable so far, but has manual transmission. This must change.
My daily drive includes the 101/405 interchange in the San Fernando Valley. This is the worst highway bottleneck in the U.S. Although I'm a fan of hyperbole, this is not an overstatement -- according to the American Highway Users Alliance, this intersection sees 318,000 cars daily and has an annual delay of 27,144,000 hours. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it's bad.
Anyway, stay tuned for the drama.
I'm transfixed. (And the 8 April morning edition is particularly charming.)

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Anonymous said...

what kind of Clog is this, anyway? He doesn't even mention make, model, or year!