12 April 2005

Bad architect, bad bad!

Not only are Frank Gehry's buildings ostentatious giant sculptures instead of useful buildings, they're a hazard to nearby pedestrians.

Get yourself a job as a sculptor, Frank, and have 'em put your work behind velvet ropes. For the safety of people, not the buildings, mind you.


TheWayOfTheGun said...

Mr. Gehry was just on The Simpsons, but it seems that life has surpassed art.


Anonymous said...

While I'd like to say I have mixed feelings about this the main sentiment is, "Thank god someone's finally calling him on his shite".


Anonymous said...

you stupid guys are nothing. your writing is like a shit storm.

Anonymous said...

Frank Gehry's twisty metal buildings, fashionable not for great architecture but as novelties on the skyline, are beginning to look a bit repetitive and dated. And when a certain percentage of students in architecture school imitate any outre style, it's already on the way out. In 30 years or so, Gehry's buildings may even look as out-of-date as 1960s Brutalism does today.