07 March 2005


Thanks to Clive Thomson at Collision Detection, my blog life is now complete: there is a Saville Row bespoke tailor's blog. And check out what Clive has to say about why suits oughta be geek chic.
After all, suits have many of the things that geeks particularly appreciate: Intense levels of engineering, an obsession with structural elegance, physics, totally wicked gear that's used to create them, topographic geometry, and materials science that burrows right down to chemistry and --- these days --- nanotechnology. And when it comes to ties, my god, you've got the most awesomely realized application of knot theory on the planet.
The only thing is, did I really need something new to make me lust even more for a bespoke suit? I think not.


Indri said...

You need a bespoke suit.

That is all.

Jonathan Korman said...

I think I may just settle for made-to-measure. But we'll see.