16 March 2005

Once kool, ever kool?

My colleague Scout has a story to tell about Kool-Aid.
Purplesaurus Rex is the shit. Completely created out of chemicals that are all startlingly nothing like anything a right thinking person would put in their body voluntarily. Hence the marketing to children. The thing is, Purplesaurus Rex ceased to be a product of the Kool-Aid empire over 7 years ago. When I discovered that it was soon to be extinct, along with all the other mutant animal named flavors, I made a mad grab for the entire stock of my beloved beverage ...
The question emerges, though: how long is the shelf life of Kool-Aid? Long enough, it seems.


echoegami said...

As my daughter and I learned this past Sunday, while my sister was cutting and dyeing our hair, Kool Aid used as a hair dye will never come out of your hair. Whatever dyes they use to color it can't be removed with any amount of bleach.

Scary thought, huh?

Btw, I found your blog interesting so I've been lurking, lately. Hope you don't mind.

echoegami said...
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Indri said...

Echoegami, I wouldn't worry about it too much...there are several plant- and mineral-based dyestuffs about which the same thing could be said. The juice of onion skins, for example, or beets.

The staying power--and fruity scent!--of Kool-Aid products is well known to some knitters, who have taken to dying yarn with it.