17 March 2005

Condi's boots redux

You may recall me quoting some folks about Condoleeza Rice's notorious black outfit with the high boots. It seemed like a bit of fun, teasing the Washington Post for reporting on the Secretary of State's lively fashion choices so breathlessly. It seems I wasn't the only person struck by the story; it spread all over the blogosphere. A lot of folks are using this other photo, which puts a bit of a different spin on it.

The soldiers, the flag, Condi in black striding toward us, her arm extended. Am I the only one thinking, "show us what you're really saying, and raise that arm a bit higher"?

So I'm just a bit squicked that the right side of the blogosphere has, in writing about this little story, favored this second photo and with it taken to Ann Althouse's comment

These boots are made for running for President
Mind you, I'm speaking as a bloke who habitually wears a black suit and boots. I like the idea that it makes me look "presidential." But quoting Billmon's snarky comments about the use of soldiers in campaign appearances, this imagery should give us pause.
Why not do something fun to entertain the crowd -- like having the troops parade in formation past the leader on his podium. What would be the harm in that?

And if the troops are going to parade, why not have them salute? Of course, using the standard military salute might be a little obvious. So why not create a new party salute --- like, say, banging a clenched fist on the heart, or, better yet, extending a stiffened right arm, fingers pointed towards the leader in a gesture of obedience and respect.

Imagine the effect it would have on the crowd --- all those handsome young heros, marching in perfect lockstep, showing their loyalty to their commander in chief. And if the leader were to give the party salute back, expressing his dedication to the sacred cause of defending the homeland ...

Hah! Let's see the Democrats try to compete with that!

It looks more and more like the Democrats may have to, doesn't it?

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