13 March 2005

Buffy resource

If you need the kind of website that says things like this
Buffy and Faith dance subtextily together
or this
Once More, With Feeling
In which dark secrets are revealed in retro-pastiche and breakaway pop tunes.
or this
In which Angel, suffering from the Flashbacks of Doom, decides that the examined life is not worth living.
then you need Buffyology, which offers brief episode synopses, complete transcripts of dialogue, and indices of things like the longest monologues, every character ever to appear on the show, and episodes featuring dairy products.

I should say, though, that it's no substitute for the recaps at Television Without Pity, which defy description. So I'll give you a typical sample.

Giles proudly reads Buffy's SAT scores. They exposit that Giles is going on a retreat in the woods for a few days. Buffy teases him about how much stuff he's bringing: "Giles, you pack like me." I hope that doesn't mean he's packed a little purse in every hideous color of the spectrum. He hands back the scores, and says he expects Joyce is pleased. Buffy: "She saw these scores and her head spun around and exploded." Giles looks perturbed. "I've been on the Hellmouth too long. That was metaphorical, yes?" Hee. Buffy says yes, and that her mother "started all this crazy talk about [Buffy] going to college ... maybe someplace else." Giles shocks Buffy by saying that he agrees. He explains that she needs to think of her future, and that with Faith on hand she might be able to "move on, for a time at least." Buffy processes that, and Giles suggests they discuss it further when he returns. Which, unfortunately, will not be in this episode. He asks her not to do anything rash. She senses there's a hidden meaning, and asks for clarification. He asks if she's planning to see Angel, and she says yes. He looks warily at her, but she assures him, "Nothing's gonna happen."

The Ironic Segue Fairy makes a quick appearance as we cut to Willow telling Xander, "Something's gonna happen."

Bloody hell. Now I want to go out and get myself a copy of Season Five. But every time I buy a new season, I get closer to There's No More ...

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Anonymous said...

Two comments, sir.

First - you must continue, for you do not get to the musical till season six.

Second - while Buffy will end, there is always Watchers, which is surprisingly worthwhile. But you really must finish Buffy, first.


- Miriam