12 February 2005


Today, Yezida's asking a doozy of a question.
There are those of us who play at being slaves. "Yes Master." What does this mean? How does this work in our world that contains both post-modern language queerifying and actual pre-modern practices? Is it akin to people wearing pink triangles as a symbol of pride instead of a mark that they should be imprisoned, tortured and sent to death? Is using the word slave in such a context like me using the word queer? Turning it on its head to take back the power? But what does taking back the power of such a word mean in a world where real slavery still exists? No one is being forced to wear pink triangles anymore. But people are still being forced into actual slavery.

I am truly wondering, here. Help me out.

It's a poser, and I'm guessing some of my readers will have some good ideas. I know just enough crazy John Lilly mind games lore, and enough folks from pervy circles, to venture some thoughts of my own.
Experienced BDSM bottoms talk rapturously about being "broken," and do not kid yourself: it is the same mechanism in the human frame that is triggered when a person is dragged into chains and then beaten into submission as an unwilling slave. The slave is broken into a mockery of the human spirit. The willing bottom is broken to a different purpose, to be put back together with care and reassurance and love, made stronger by the experience.
Tricky stuff. Very tricky stuff.

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