22 January 2005

How would you know?

I heard somewhere recently that the Vatican was considering an apology to the Knights Templar. I had imagined that it was like Galileo; their guilty conscience was getting to them. Or maybe someone had been reading The Da Vinci Code, or gone to see National Treasure.

But no, it turns out that the Templars asked for an apology. Which is quite a trick for a secret society. Especially one that supposedly was disbanded hundreds of years ago. Though conspiracy buffs like me know that conspiracy theorists love to include the Templars in the story: David Icke, Lyndon LaRouche, and so forth.

Now contentlove points out to us that since the Templars used the return address of Hertford in the UK, the Guardian reports that hey, you can just go to Hertford and nose around for the Holy Grail.

The local newspaper, the Hertfordshire Mercury, certainly seems convinced: over the past few months it has published several intriguing stories quoting local Templars, who told its reporter of a secret network of tunnels under the town that was still in use by the order. "It reaches beyond well known central Hertford locations," one Templar said, "including the tourist office, the castle, Monsoon, Threshers, the post office, Bayley Hall, and the council offices." Treasures of "immense importance" were hidden there, it was claimed.
Including the Grail, you ask? Read the article and and see.

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