20 December 2004


A meditation for today.

Yes, George W. Bush is Time magazine's Man of the Year. (Not necessarily an endorsement, I know, but still.) And yes, this reflects a frightening time for the Republic. Yes, I've been spending a lot of time walking the halls of hospitals lately, with much more to come. Yes, it is my profession is to dance with brilliant people who are being made to waste their efforts, in hope that I can be crafty enough to find some pirouttes and turns that will bring them at least a few steps forward. Yes, sometimes human nature turns out to be even worse than I thought. Yes, I'm not as young as I once was. Yes, there is more work to do than I can hope to do.

But the Sun returns. Sing it back, if you wish. Or don't --- for even if you don't sing, the Sun returns. Every year. Every morning. The Sun returns.

Hang on. You'll see.

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Anonymous said...

From this speech I am not certain that the Sun will return.