08 December 2004

Democrats and Libertarians

Belle Waring observes that a lot of lefty civil libertarian Democrats are much better allies to Libertarians than the contemporary Republican party.
I support 2nd amendment rights, think drugs should be legalized, support means testing of social security, and think running permanent trillion-dollar deficits is a bad idea. What's more, I favor the elimination of all agricultural and industrial subsidies! And free trade! And abortion rights! I think people should be allowed to form unions, and also not form unions. I don't think it's good that the teacher's unions should forever stymie potential reforms in the US educational system, but I also think NCLB is an invasive federal program wedded to testing for its own sake, which imposes costs on the states and doesn't supply federal money to pay for them. I think market-based solutions to environmental problems, such as pollution credits, can be great, in the context of stern enforcement of existing environmental protections. I don't think the feds should subsidize grazing, logging, or mining on government-owned lands. I favor innovative traffic-mitigation schemes involving variable road pricing! Ooh, ooh, and I think prostitution and gambling should be legal! And I love gay marriage! Come here, gay marriage, I'm going to give you a big wet kiss. And the firm separation of church and state!
Hey, that's me, too! Come on, Libertarians, let's party!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I'm here aren't I? ;-)

- Miss Miriam,
Thelemite, libertarian, Arizonan desert rat from the heart of Goldwater land, ayup