05 November 2004

Revolving door

On the very important subject of how superheroes' tendency to die and get resurrected can screw up their romantic relationships, I offer you this.
Since, for whatever reason, Scott (Cyclops) Summers decided he didn't like the Jean (Madeline Pryor) Grey he married out of happiness for the untruth of the death of Jean (Phoenix force) Grey, who hadn't, after all, really been his Jean (Jean Grey) Grey, Scott left Madeline, presumably to return to Jean. [By now, Cyclops had slept with no less than three separate Jean Greys, and remained unhappy; wisdom would suggest that perhaps he needed to pursue other conquests rather than follow this destructive course of attempting to sleep with every Jean Grey in the multiverse.]
I had trusted Bryan Singer to deliver us from this evil, but no such luck.

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