19 November 2004

A promotion?

So Colin's out, and Condi's in.

American Prospect Online observes observes tartly

The feminist movement, whose early “assaults” on traditional morality sparked the backlash in the first place, is now utterly victorious. Under George W. Bush, Condoleezza Rice has become national security adviser, mismanaging the interagency process with more gusto than any man ever achieved; the word on the street is that she'll soon be promoted to Secretary of State for her troubles.

Indeed, I've heard for years in feminist circles that the sign of equality wasn't that competent women would have no barriers to success, but that equality would be when there were as many incompetent women in positions of prestige and authority as incompetent men. I've never found that to be a terribly inspiring way for feminism to frame its goals, and here we're vividly reminded why.

Of course, like so much of the Bush administration, Dr. Rice is not only inept: she's inept, malicious, and in a position of authority, like a sitcom boss. DeLong has some choice words about her 9/11 testimony, for which she should have lost her job. If you're hardcore, there's much more detail from the Daily Howler, and there's video of the key bit.

If you're not hardcore, just go see what they said on the Daily Show, or reflect on how grumpy she is.

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