15 November 2004


So I saw this picture in a recent post on Mike Epstein's delightful photoblog Satan's Laundromat. As a caption, Mr. Epstein asks, "Does anyone know what this is advertising?"

Reaching into my deep knowledge of corporate stuff, I send him an email.

That's the logo for LG Electronics, a major electronics manufacturer that until recently did not have a very public brand. They used to just make "invisible" stuff like the radio that comes with your car. It seems they've decided to become more consumer-oriented.
But I've missed the point. He writes back.
I meant the R* (I know LG), but thanks.
Duh. But I'm on the case now!
Ha! I didn't even see that! I think it must be for ROCKST*R energy drink.
But no. I'm being anti-helpful, and he's way ahead of me.
I've been informed that it's for Rockstar Games
So I'm a brand-identifyin' loser. I write back one more time.
I guess that ad really didn't work on me.

Here in San Francisco, the Stadium Formerly Known As Candlestick Park has recently sold its name, and become Monster Park. I thought that the job-hunting people had bought it, but actually it was the cable manufacturer.

So see, Mike, I'm not a clueless loser, this is just an opportunity for me to make a hip observation about the ironies of consumer culture. He responds.
worst name EVER.

wait, no, pro player stadium is worse.

second worst name EVER.

Sure, Mike, dis the 49ers' stadium. Fine. Just don't remind me that I just gave a bit of free advertising to all these stupid companies, just like they wanted.

Don't click those links, people.

Except to Satan's Laundromat, which is cool.

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batojar said...

Ha! That's funny, being in New York, I didn't even notice the LG ad, but the R* leapt out at me (as an evil defacement of my beloved subway - #*$^%* corporate scum!)

I guess we are all developing locale-specifice filters - I scarely notice the electronic billboards.

Except when they go haywire: