08 October 2004

Why not come clean?

Since it turns out that Iraq didn't have WMDs, why was Saddam so cagey for so long about demonstrating that he didn't have them?

I thought at the time that it was a simple ego thing: he didn't like the idea of inspectors rummaging around in his stuff, revealing exactly what he did and didn't have.

CalPundit observes that the evidence now shows that it was actually a bluff against Iran.

"The Iranian threat was very, very, palpable to him, and he didn't want to be second to Iran, and he felt he had to deter them. So he wanted to create the impression that he had more than he did," Duelfer, the Iraq Survey Group head, told members of the Senate on Wednesday.


TheWayOfTheGun said...

That's consistent with the debriefings of Iraqi generals. When asked if their units had WMD's, to a man each field commander reported that he did not but that the unit positioned nearby did.

Sorry I don't have the source handy.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with this site?