26 October 2004

Politics and animation

Thanks to my colleague Scout, I just discovered the spooky lefty propaganda animation "what barry says" at Knife Party. You'll have to dig through a bit of a web entry tunnel to get to it, but it's worth your time: possibly the most gorgeously executed example I've ever seen of animation paired as illustration and emphasis for a spoken word piece.

Even if you aren't interested in seeing lefty propaganda, if you like cunning animation --- and who doesn't? --- check it out. (And on that same point, if you haven't seen the animated verison of Lawrence Lessig's talk on copyright law, which I linked in an old post of mine, you may want to check it out as a deliciously simple example of what Knife Party does in such a deliciously complex way.)

And if you are interested in seeing lefty propaganda, whether or not you agree with it, I think you'll be impressed with how it tightly summarizes the contemporary strain of critique of the military-industrial complex and Imperial America. And on that same point, I think you will also want to check out my old long post about the lefty propaganda movies made in Flash at BushFlash.com.

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