05 October 2004

New antiwar movement needed

I went to a couple of big antiwar rallies during the run-up to the Iraq invasion. As in most of the US, the big rallies were organized by International ANSWER, who are energetic, organized, and batshit crazy. They're not just Marxist in the broad sense that includes Christopher Hitchens, they're Communists. They're not just Communists in the broad sense that includes the woman you know from college who's living in an "intentional community" now, they're Maoists. As in "end the imperialist US occupation of South Korea," because I guess North Korea is the tragically aggreived party in that situation.

Contrary to what the Ann Coulters of the world would tell you, there aren't very many of these folks, and sane lefties like me hate 'em. But they are, as I said, energetic --- very energetic. And they are organized --- very organized. They get the word out and arrange the permits and rent the porta-potties. So they hold the microphone at the big events, ranting about American imperialism and workers' solidarity and Mumia Abu-Jamal and Zionism equalling racism and so forth, which makes it impossible to feel entirely good about attending the protests.

This kind of bullshit helped drive some of my favorite lefty bloggers to support invading Iraq, including Big Media Matt and Ezra at Pandagon, who in turn point to interesting comments from Nasi Lemak and Robert Farley, respectively.

Another problem the left has to fix. Sigh.

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