28 October 2004

Neal Stephenson on Slashdot

It's everything you would hope for and more.

RobLimo introduces the interview by saying

There is nothing better than a Slashdot interview with someone who not only reads and understands Slashdot but can out-troll the trolls. Admittedly, the questions you asked Neal Stephenson were great in their own right, but his answers... Wow! let's just say that this guy shows how it's done.
Among things he talks about: the relationship between artists, art collectors, and art critics; what happened in his little-known fight with William Gibson; the history of money; the most useful means of self-defense; and becoming a minor character in a Robert Heinlein novel.

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Anonymous said...

One of the questions was about what Neal's reading these days. His answer reminded me of Matt Ruff, about whom I had some pretty mixed feelings a few years back, so I asked Amazon for another of his books.

As I checked out, Amazon informed me that customers who shopped for this item also shopped for (every other book on Neal's list).

I feel so.. predictable.