11 October 2004

Kerry endorsement

Look what I found on Wikipedia!
[John] Kerry's paternal grandfather, Frederick A. Kerry (born Fritz Kohn) ... [married] ... Ida (née Loewe) ... They were both German-speaking Jews .... A Czech historian believes that Ida was a descendant of Sinai Loew, one of three older brothers of Rabbi Judah Loew (1525-August 22, 1609), a famous Kabbalist, philosopher and talmudist known as the Maharal of Prague.
Elect John Kerry, and he'll command the Golem of Prague to defend us from terrorism!

Also good to know, in case the President needs to make a new one from scratch: How to Create a Golem from the Comfort of Home, a site full of helpful tips.

Creating the golem from clay will take several hours. Be sure to start early in the day.
Maybe I'll try it myself next weekend.


Erik said...

Here's a much more in-depth article on Kerry's familial background.

And just remember to practice your Alephs before inscribing your Golem. There's nothing like a Golem gone horribly wrong to wreck a weekend.

Anonymous said...

Everybody sing that Hannukah favorite, now:

"Golem, golem, golem,
I made him out of clay!
And when my golem's ready
With you he shall play!"