05 August 2004

Meta-spam humor

I got this one from Bruce Sterling, if you believe it.
I am Vivien Grimhelm Wormtongue, The only daughter of late Counsellor Gríma Wormtongue of the Kingdom of Rohan.

My father was Chief Counsellor [equivalent to Prime Minister] to late lamented king Théoden of Rohan. In his position my father altogether legally and correctly acquired significant assets throughout Rohan in order to protect the Kingdom from enemy forces within and without.

In the course of lamentable events succeeding, my father was illegally deprived of office and expelled from the Kingdom.

Before this he had with foresight already entirely legally deposited gold worth S$42,000,000 with one of the Africa leading Banks in Cote d' Ivoire of which I will let you know if you identify your interest.

While in exile in the north he was assaulted and murdered by a band of northern Orcs.

There's more, if that made you laugh.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great Happy Hour Name (tm).