06 August 2004


You may be familiar with Clifford Pickover's wonderful ESP experiment page. (It's a variation on the famous "mysterious rabbit," if you've been exchanging web links long enough to remember that one.)

What I did not know is that he also has an explanations page, where he publishes email he receives from people who have attempted to explain how it works. Charmingly, he does not comment on these explanations, which are often very literally incredible.


Nina said...

It's not the flabbergasted responses of people that think the website was correct over and over again that amaze me, it's the comments from people who think they got a wrong answer. I wonder if he deletes posts from people who figure it out.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Took me just a couple of tries before I caught on. Which should remind me when playing Hold 'em to be more sure about what I'm really holding . . . . !