18 August 2004


Today it's a two post geek rockblock!

From MKB I now learn that the obscure goofy psychedelic band Dios has been sued by the slightly less obscure lame heavy metal band Dio, and have been thus compelled to change their name — to Dios Malos. Not to be out-uncooled, the band had this to say about the new name.

It doesn't mean what you think because it doesn't really mean anything. It's a shame we had to do it, but as J.P. said, “We're up against rainbows and magic,” and when it comes to casting spells we're barely level 3 musicians with nothing but cheap magic missiles and plate mail armor to protect us from the wrath of eight-headed hydra law firms with unlimited mana and 100-sided dice.

You tell 'em, guys. And hey, it turns out that Dios — uh, I mean Dios Malos — have a pretty funny web site if you're into web design meta-humor.

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