02 August 2004


Two geeky witticisms for y'all today.

First, the answer to the question: if theories of physics were girlfriends, what would they be like? (The question if X were Y, what would they be like? is a fruitful field for humor.)

Second, a science fiction poem from the pages of the truly punk cyberpunk anthology Semiotext(e) SF.

Delphic (Projection #5)

Lorraine Schein
The futurist's mistress
(in this alternate scenario)
Sleeps in his bed,
Beside his other curved concubines.
Space and Time.

She projects herself, once more,
Endlessly into the future.

The dreams crash and glisten;
Presaging a love
More fantastic than science —

The futures tighten around her
like his arms in the night.

If you can get your hands on Semiotext(e) SF, by the way, I cannot recommend it highly enough. It's full of great stuff, including a Bruce Sterling story written in the first person by an Arab visitor to the US that is terrifyingly prescient for something published fifteen years ago.

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Anonymous said...

Lorraine's poem is in her new book, The Futurist's Mistress, published by Mayapple Press. Full disclosure: I'm the publisher.

Take a look at http://www.mayapplepress.com

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