31 July 2004

Shrodinger's Knight

Geekiness warning: follow this link only if you are interested in dice + bad acting, or narrative games in general. You know who you are.


Anonymous said...

That was cool. Brought me back to my college days (err- - the first round), though I don't every recall any of the D&D boys that articulate or meta about the process.


Anonymous said...

So what's next, Pavlov's Bard?

Anonymous said...

Hm. You're right, I know who I am. ;^)

I don't know many GMs who are willing to deconstruct their narrative techniques to this degree. Clearly you have found a hotbed of introspective geekdom.

The most compelling part of the essay IMO is the author's attempt to minimize the dichotomy between "directed" and "natural" GMs. Even this far down into geekdom, people divide themselves into warring camps. Sad, but also amusing.