16 July 2004

Every man and every woman

Warren Ellis has another dark poetic situationist rant about the conflict between our humanity and what Bucky Fuller called grunch.
Society is not your friend. It doesn't care about you.

We're logs for the steam engine of society.

Shove us in and burn us up to keep the wheels turning.

So throw the machine into reverse.

See, there is no massive world conspiracy to keep things crappy.

There's a business plan. There's a million business plans.

And they're based into coercing you into buying their products.

And cheating the other people who have products to sell you.

There are no secret chiefs. There are no space aliens or supernatural entities running things.

Just governments. And governments are essentially incompetent.

In Britain, there are government cameras on the roads. Big Brother, right?

But most of them don't have any film in.

That's not a competent Scary Government.

But an incompetent with a gun can still kill you. That's why they're dangerous.

Running a war badly still gets people killed.

So you know what we need to do?

We need to become the Secret Chiefs, and the space aliens, and the supernatural entities.


I'm not quite in a foul enough mood today to entirely believe this sentiment. But after a week wandering the office parks and minimalls of America, I'm close.

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