18 July 2004


A funny little Platonic dialogue.
Snoop: I know what its mascot should be .... The Carrboro Communists.

Lex: Oooooh. I like it.

Snoop: The Fightin' Commies.

Lex: The marketing possibilities alone are almost limitless.

Snoop: Yeah, I figure the football team could be called the Red Menace. They'd, you know, wear red uniforms.

Lex: Sure. With a hammer and sickle and a star on the helmets.

Snoop: And instead of having their last names on the backs of the jerseys, all the jerseys would just say "labor."
If you're laughing --- and again I know who you are out there --- follow the link: there's a bit more.


Anonymous said...

For those of you who don't know, Carrboro is the Berkley of North Carolina. I believe that former senator Jesse Helms once said that a fence should be built around the entire Chapel Hill/Carrboro area...
In fact, after the whole freedom fried and freedom toast _(root meshug--which of the three words is the one that means general foolishness?)_ Carrboro declared a French Products day before Berkley did.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Duh, Katherine Summer. That's where you were reminded of the Jesse Helms quote. *shakes head at self and sighs*