29 June 2004

Today's quote

I've been doing some research to support a motorcycle shopping expedition.

The same whirring, clanking, whining, chuffing and shuddering that delights ears accustomed to the longitudinal V-twins can convince CBR600 owners that something is horrifyingly, expensively and inexorably wrong.

From a review of the Moto Guzzi V11, the least practical but most beautiful bike I'm seriously considering.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, yes. But can it seat two?

Jonathan Korman said...

The fastback is removable, making it possible to seat two --- though your question prompted me to unhappily discover that the Corbin aftermarket seat for the V11 "provide[s] for short trip passengers."

I'm definitely going to take a good look at that pillion seat. To merit consideration, a motorbike must carry two!