23 June 2004

Guilty as charged

I am embarassed to admit that I have personally contributed to the impending snark shortage, as reported on Daily Kos.

Science Friday: Liberal Blogs in Crisis

Liberal bloggers are facing a snark shortage that may have serious implications in the coming months, experts say. Blog readers are being warned to expect rationing and long lines at their favorite liberal blogs — and that some blogs may not make it through the current crisis.

Strategic Snark Reserves ‘Dangerously Low’; Increased Consumption Blamed

Experts report that the United States Strategic Snark Reserves have been severely depleted, and absent new discoveries of snark may run dry within three years.

‘Liberal bloggers have been using snark at an exponentially expanding rate, but it's not a renewable resource’ said Lawrence Peters, head researcher at the American Blog Studies Group, a liberal think tank. ‘Once it's gone, it's gone.”

Thanks to the lovely Waterbones for alerting me to the crisis.

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