12 June 2004


Don't go to the gym! Play video games!

John Scalzi has a terrific picture of his five-year-old leaping through the air while playing a video game, and argues that it must be mostly good for her.

Anyone who thinks video game playing leads to sedentary children has never seen Athena play video games.


I suspect her game playing may have actually helped her when she did her kindergarten assessment tests, which the Bradford schools have each incoming kid do so they can figure out how to tailor their programs for the next year. If I recall correctly, one category related to visual-motor skills, i.e., what we called hand-eye coordination back in the day.

Meanwhile, Clive Thomson observes that Dance Dance Revolution is serious exercise, and quotes a testamonial from an entire website about losing weight with DDR.

I lost about 140-150lbs with the help of DDR and a weight bench. But before I found DDR I tried walking and a weight bench and I only lost 20lbs, then after DDR it melted off in under a year.

Check out the comments section after Clive's post, too ...

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